Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Hour(s) keyboard displays

THIS IS WHAT happens when your friends show up on Friday afternoon for happy hour(s) and you have a big keyboard display awaiting construction. They help. And now it's up and lit.

"We may as well have something to do while we drink beer," The Mighty Adam Yates said.

"I ain't doing nothing. I'm getting a beer. Leave me alone," said Frank Haxel. "You'll need a Phillips screwdriver for that. But I'm not using it."

It's on the back table, Frank. No no, we won't make you help. Can you help Adam grab that thingy by the thingy?

Angus is angry nobody will play with him. 
A month ago we got some amazing Casio keyboards and they've been selling well. Sheryl also ordered a large Casio display which holds three keyboards. The Casio sign lights up and it saves a lot of space. But it came in about 12 boxes and didn't have instructions, other than "drink a lot when deciphering vague symbols disguised as instructions."

That didn't stop Frank, Sheryl and Adam. The perfect location was decided on and chaos ensued. Angus, Pete Magliocco and I were quite helpful by staying out of the way and offering advice, like "Righty tighty lefty loosey" and "Are you sure Tab A fits into Slot B?" Also, Angus sulked because nobody would play an endless game of ball.

The sign didn't light up and Frank was considerably disappointed. There was a cord dangling from the back but it didn't plug into anything. Turns out Casio forgot to send the power module with the rest of the display. It finally arrived yesterday, and now we have a sharp-looking keyboard area in the back by the stage.

The moral of the story is ... always have happy hour(s) on Friday. Always. How else are you going to get stuff done?

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