Monday, April 29, 2019

Stolen Gretsch

The guitar has been found. 2nd half of the story on tomorrows blog...
beautiful Gretsch hollow body guitar from us over the weekend. I remember seeing it Saturday afternoon. I was in the store alone and a strange dude kept asking about the Gretsch guitars. He walked up to it behind the counter but didn't take it off the wall hanger. I'm not saying he was the one who took it when my back was turned, but who knows.

It's a Streamliner with a Bigsby tremolo. Not only did it get stolen, somebody stole the custom black hardshell case, too. So they knew what they were doing.

I can't figure it out. I think it was still on the wall when I left Saturday. Everything was locked up over the weekend, the alarm was on when I came in this morning, and that's when I noticed it was gone.

This. Really. Pisses. Us. Off. We've had stuff walk out of here before but not like this. Sheryl is angry because she actually took some time off Friday and Saturday and it was a nice break while she had some other stuff going on. I had a pleasant Friday and Saturday in the store, not too busy but we did some business. Then we come in Monday to this crap.

Now I'm going to look very carefully at people who come in and we are going to be paranoid about shoplifting, and that takes extra energy and effort away from running a retail business.

We have called the police, filed a report, checked with our local pawnshops. Now we'll wait and probably never see it again, and chalk it up as a loss. Maybe what we've lost isn't going to make or break us, but it sure makes us wonder if it's worth the effort to keep the doors open.

I  have some advice for the POS who took this. First off all, don't get caught. This isn't a threat and I'm not advocating physical violence, but Sheryl might.

Secondly, don't take it out and play it. It's a small world, the Quincy music circle.

Third, don't brag. Ooops. You probably already have. Maybe there's a chance we get it back after all.

And finally, get out of town if you plan on  selling it. Far, far out of town.

On a positive note, we got in the gorgeous American made Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster today. Come in and buy it!

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