Wednesday, December 18, 2019

March all you want

DON'T TALK POLITICS in my store. I don't want to hear it. You can support whoever you want. It has nothing to do with buying a guitar. We are a business and I get along with all kinds of people. Believe what you want, just as long as it isn't racist or hate-based.

A few months ago we had a long-time customer try to bait Sheryl into a debate. This customer had extremely racist and bigoted views. Sheryl politely told the customer, "If we are going to be friends when you leave my store, we will not be able to continue this conversation." She chose to leave and has not been back. We are disappointed that she hates immigrants, seeing as her daughter-in-law is an immigrant, but try to understand she may have some reason for this unseemly opinion.

Last night there was a march in Washington Park supporting impeachment of the president. About 100 people braved the cold conditions. They met by the Lincoln Douglas monument. They headed to the west side of the square, where a group of people supporting the president and his hopeful re-election were gathered. The pro-impeachment marchers simply turned around and went the other way, then went up to City Hall.

We have the right to protest. To everybody who was out there last night, on both sides, good for you.

To the person who "infiltrated" one of the groups and spread a bunch of lies and their photos on a social media page, well, see ya, because the unfriend and block buttons are easy to use. Facebook has standards too and seems to have removed the content (according to Sheryl).

Protect our Constitution, support our elected officials, use common sense about the future of our nation and love the unloveable if possible. One of our favorite things about having a  music store is that we get to have jam sessions and love that people from such diverse backgrounds can come together and make music together. No politics, no debates, just good old fashioned fun. Let's keep music alive and well in Quincy, shop local and have a Happy Holiday season.

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