Monday, December 23, 2019

We didn't work Sunday

ON SATURDAY, SHERYL put up a poll on our Second String Music Facebook page - should we be open Sunday or take the day off?

Business has been exceptional this Christmas season. Saturday was particularly crazy, but crazy in a positive way. We normally close at 4 p.m., but at 5 we were still open and still going strong. It's all good. By the end of business, the poll indicated we should stay home as usual on Sunday.

So it was a good day. And we needed Sunday off. As you can see in the photo, Josie and Malcolm were exhausted from the busy day Saturday and needed time off, too.

I had way too much fun Saturday night with HartLyss at Revelry, as usual. I made it to church Sunday morning and went into immediate rock and roll recovery the rest of the day. We even managed to see the new Star Wars movie and fire up the grill, since it's more like March around here than late December. Won't be a White Christmas, as usual, in the Q-Town.

We are ready for the final push. We close early tomorrow and take Christmas day off, and are back for regular hours the rest of the week.

So have yourself a Merry Big Christmas, Peace On Earth, Joy To The World, all that stuff. Chances are the Harts (including dogs and cats) will be napping hard on Christmas day. What else is new!

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