Thursday, April 2, 2020

Bike seat

THERE IS NO "new normal" right now. The store is closed, and I've stopped reading the news and  conspiracy theories on social media. Stay home, stay well and we'll get through it.

Here are a few good things happening now ...

1. Sheryl got the store inventory done yesterday as she prepares our taxes. I helped by staying out of the way and counting stuff as directed. It was a lot easier to do with the doors locked.

2. We are actually riding our bikes. It's been several years since Sheryl has been healthy enough to pedal without a lot of pain. She went to Madison & Davis yesterday and got a new seat for her bike - we could all use a little more cushioning as we get a older.

3. We are walking the dogs twice a day. We go in the morning and after dinner. There are too many people out and about in the afternoon, which is fine. Genie, Malcolm and Angus love it. Also, the two cats are getting out more - Josie patrols our backyard and CoCo sits on the porch staring at birds.

4. Our neighborhood is a little cleaner. Sheryl spent half an hour this morning picking up trash by the alley and along our west fence. Even our neighbors on the other side have put trash out and had it picked up. A small miracle, indeed.

5. Sheryl is "paying" me to write short stories. One down, another started.

6. I did my first Zoom guitar lesson yesterday. It was different and I struggled through it, but the student seemed happy and we'll keep going. I have another one with a younger student this afternoon. Generally speaking people don't seem to want to do the online lesson thing, and I won't do that many, but a few won't hurt.

7.  I dusted off my old Boss BR 1200 and I'm thinking about doing some demos and goofing around. I have a room upstairs set up and ready - now I just have to come up with stuff. Easier said than done, but it's possible.

That's it. If you are still working, be grateful and keep plugging away. If you are not working, keep the faith and stay strong. And look for the good things you can do to keep going.

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