Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Custom Face Masks

SINCE WE HAVE to wear face masks in public starting Friday, Sheryl found a Quincy woman who custom makes them. We are now the proud owners of six masks courtesy Michelle Bickhaus and her mother, Carol Murfin, at Impossibly Cute Hats. Click on the link to learn more and get your own.

We used T shirts for the material - three Maulers, two Second Musics and one Gus Macker. They look amazing! You might as well style and profile if you have to go out in public.

The Maulers are the mock rock band out of suburban Coatsburg. Second String Music has sponsored the absolute no doubt about it final Maulers concert about five times. Later this year is the Really We Mean It And We Are Giving Everybody Free Concussions Maulers final concert. Ever. For sure. Promise. We will wear the masks if we need to or not.

Sheryl is really excited to wear the miracle whip mask because of the sexy image of Randy Phillips and other Maulers on it. We are having as much fun with this as you would expect, even though sexy image and Randy Phillips are two things that should never go in the same sentence. GUH.

It's been long suggested I wear a bag over my head to make sure I'm safe. Wait a second ... are they trying to tell me something?

Anyway, the masks are way cool, we are complying with orders and we look good. Styling, profiling and sticking up our covered noses at COVID-19. Rock on!

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