Friday, April 3, 2020

Sharing The Rays - 10 years ago

HARD TO BELIEVE today is the 10-year anniversary of legendary Quincy band Fielder releasing its CD called "Sharing The Rays." Fielder hosted a CD release party at Turner Hall on April 3, 2010. I was there. There is YouTube video proof.

The Funions played and my very fuzzy recollection is that Alex Tappe filled in on bass, Jack Inghram was on sax and Jon Barnard played slide guitar, and there was a good chance Adam Yates was on keyboards. Chris Cornwell played guitar and his father, the late Pat Cornwell, was on drums. Pat, the owner of Vegas Music, passed away about eight months after this was recorded. The legendary Bill Withers just died and one of Pat's best songs was "Ain't No Sunshine." We miss Pat a lot.

Fielder was one of the few bands that played original songs and survived - they even played on Sixth Street last year, though public performances are few and far between these days. All of the members are married with kids and jobs now. They are responsible dudes. Shhhhh. Don't tell anybody else.

Below is the video we took with Logan from Fielder during the event. Nice dreads, Holmes! Many thanks to Josh Lawless, who sent me the link for this video. I had no idea. I look about 25 years younger, and since it was only 10 years ago, well .... Neber Mind.

Gosh. We really miss Turner Hall, where this was filmed. Glad we at least have something to remember are these memories by, and happy 10-year anniversary to Sharing The Rays.

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