Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Painting and procrastinating

WHILE THE WORLD falls apart, let's talk about the really important things in life - namely, painting the walls in your house.

Sheryl got the wild idea about painting last week. We've done three rooms and are waiting to start the final one. I think. It's the downstairs bedroom. We should start on it tomorrow. Maybe.

CoCo loves the new view from the living room!
We've done the three other main rooms downstairs and I must say they look really good, a massive improvement over the previous drab color. The taping of the trim and windows is actually the biggest pain in the ass, and it's really nice to rip the tape off when finished painting.

We also got rid of an old nasty leather recliner (it's free and sitting in our garage if you want it) and rearranged the living room, and it's so much bigger and brighter. Even the cats love it, especially the cats, who sit on a curio cabinet by the window and dream of making bird soup.

We were going to start on the bedroom today but Sheryl had a chiropractic appointment this morning. She's been doing neck exercises and her back guy says they've really helped. I did them the other night too - They actually work. Painting might be a pain in the butt but our necks are better. So we decided to take another rest day.

Fine by me. We have nothing but time. We think it will be at least mid-May before Second String Music is allowed to open.

By then we'll have our downstairs painted and there will be veiled suggestions about doing the stairwell, kitchen and working on the garden. Tilling is threatened this Sunday. I am praying for rain. 

Today I am glad that chiropractors are essential.

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