Friday, April 24, 2020

Making masks

Perfect for facemasks.
YESTERDAY WE GOT the disheartening news Illinois' stay-at-home order has been extended until the end of May. Also, we have to wear masks if we go out in public starting May 1. I have the perfect face for a mask so it works. Sheryl found four old T-shirts and she is going to make masks - Gus Macker, Maulers and Second String Music emblems will be righteous!

We also had a Hart Family Zoom last night and it was much fun. My Aunt Willa celebrated her 29th birthday. Wait. It was her 70th birthday? Well, she looks 29 to me. It was surreal and fun.

We all sang happy birthday and it sounded a lot like The Cheeseburgers after the fourth set. Well intentioned, but a bit sloppy. As usual with a Hart gathering, virtual or in person, there were libations aplenty and lots of laughter. Emily Hart blessed us with a couple of oboe songs, including Happy Birthday. Much fun!

And ... the downstairs, save for the kitchen, is painted. Our sore arms and backs are grateful it is finished. Ahead is the dreaded tilling of the garden this weekend. Onward and upward and here's a big middle finger to COVID-19, and the hope of better days ahead.

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