Monday, April 28, 2014

Cats In Windows

IT IS NEVER dull at Fifth and Maine. This morning, Cindy Vancil of Vancil Performing Arts was in Dancer's Dream when she looked across the street and saw three cats outside on a fourth-story window sill.

Now. I don't think the cats are going to fall. "If they do, they still have eight more lives," said Cindy's husband, Frank Haxel. But still, what if one cat nudged the other cat and it fell on somebody walking down Maine Street? That's a cat hat I wouldn't want to wear.

I shouldn't joke about such things. Fast Eddie just gave me a dirty look.

The building was recently purchased by our friends, the Austins. They are excellent landlords and have already invested serious time and money into renovations for the loft apartments. So we let them know about the cats in peril, and they will check into it.

We care about our feline friends. And they don't make cat parachutes. So I hope they are safe and don't dangle high above Maine Street much longer.

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