Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kip Winger in Quincy - sweet!

WE ARE GOING to see Kip Winger tonight at The State Room in Quincy. Tickets are $10, and most of the Seven Days Fuller band is the opening act.

Winger fronted a band that was huge in the late 1980s, but fell victim to grunge and was the brunt of cruel and unfair jokes. All I know is that this guy is still out there, still loves to play, and at age 52 still making music with his band.

I called him last week for a Whig story and he was tremendous, very candid and funny. I could only used a portion of our interview for print. Here's a guy who played with Alice Cooper, writes symphony music and has studied music composition for many years. He didn't have to say anything, but half an hour later he was still carrying on, and I only asked him maybe three or four questions.

We got on the topic of venues. The State Room is a great place to play, and he seemed pretty happy about it. Highs and lows are part of music - Winger (the band) played the biggest stadiums around back in the day, and they are playing at the huge Download Festival this summer in England.

Kip wanted to talk about the lows.

"I've played in some real bleepholes, man," he said. "I'm sliding over the grease from the french fries from the kitchen next door and people are watching the football game instead of listening to me."

I wanted to tell him how much I can relate to that, but I was laughing too hard. Before we hung up, he says, "You are probably wondering how to get rid of this clown you are interviewing, huh."

It will be fun to watch a real pro play and sing and work the crowd. You can always learn something by watching others.

Check out this video of Kip singing with a fan, and look how much fun they are both having. Expect more of the same tonight!

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