Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We just bought Guitar Centers, Musicians Friend

SHERYL AND I have huge news. We have just purchased every Guitar Center in the United States and Canada. We want to expand Second String Music. The new stores will be renamed Second String Guitar Center.

We put away our coins and dollar bills for the past six years to come up with the money.

Guitar Center has 315 locations. Well, make that 316. The sign will go up soon at Fifth and Maine, as soon as Frank Haxel finishes the bathroom on the second floor. We are leasing space on the second and third floors, but will put guitars and drums on the fourth and fifth floors, and sell amps and keyboards from the roof.

Included in our purchase is Musician's Friend. Sheryl is revamping the website and giving away Estaban guitars as part of our strategy to capture new markets and re-energize sales.

From now on, every time you walk into Second String Guitar Center, you will receive a free second string. Prospective guitar students must learn Rupert Holmes songs before getting an audition. Steve Rees will shave his beard if we reach 1 million students.

Man, we love April 1. It's spring!

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