Thursday, April 3, 2014

Renovation is full steam (and dust) ahead

RENOVATION IS PUTTING it mildly when talking about our efforts on the second floor of the historic Fifth and Maine Dodd Building.

Frank Haxel continues to repair the bathroom. The awesome Elam Heating & Air crew dismantled Tyrannosaurus Rex, otherwise known as the old furnace, and they are coming back next week to install the new system.

We have several interested parties talking about leasing space. Once the bathroom and HVAC are finished, we'll be ready to rock.

I've been up on the third floor this morning in the old Bedford Dance Studio space. Lumber, empty paint cans, a Christmas wreath, broken furniture and much more has been discarded into the dumpster.

Don't worry. Anything of value we are saving, including the scrap metal. Just wait until the crane comes to put the new AC and heating unit on the second floor roof, and we remove the ancient swamp cooler and rusting I-beams.

Fifth and Maine is the cool place to be. Even if you are covered in renovation dust.

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