Friday, April 25, 2014

Rock your socks off at the Quincy Voice

SO VICTORIA KELLEY, guitar student and follower of much different beats, is entered in the Quincy Voice competition. This is Saturday night at the YWCA Women of Achievement dinner. They hand out awards, and then they have a judged competition similar to the television show.

Victoria is fashionable, daring and thinks outside the box, much like her husband, Chris, of Table 16 Productions fame. The other eight contestants are singing to tracks (no comment, smile politely and nod), but Victoria wants to sing to actual live music.

So she recruited her guitar teacher from Second String Music, namely, me. She picked three really cool songs. Chris is playing percussion.

Victoria suggests something "colorful" and "rock starish" when it comes to the attire. Since it's all in the socks, I went next door to Schuecking's Men's Wear and purchased colorful foot covers. Sheryl actually agreed with my choice. Last night she rooted around in a bag of old shirts, found something appropriately hipster, and now I believe we are ready to go.

It doesn't matter who wins. It's a fun event for a great cause. And this gives new meaning to the term "rock your socks off."

Actually, I will keep them on, because I have really ugly feet.

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