Thursday, March 5, 2015

Burgers are BACK!

IT'S OFFICIAL. THE Cheeseburgers are back, after a short break to contemplate rock and roll and grilled buns for our burgers.

Long live Cheese!
We've found a new keyboard player and singer. We had a few other things to iron out and it's all coming together. We practiced last night with the new guy and had a blast. Give us a little more time to finalize a few things and we'll make the announcement very soon.

Last night we played 10 songs we've never done together as a band. We have some work to do, but we have time - no shows booked until July, though we will start sooner.

I've missed it. There is nothing better than playing a song and seeing people respond. It's a total rush, a high like no other. And it's just the most fun you can legally have without putting an eye out, breaking a string or shattering a beer mug. It happened last night because it was being used as a cowbell. The whole story will probably come out later.

Stay tuned, Cheeseheads. The big announcement is coming, and prepare to Git Cheesey again!

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  1. Woot woot!! Need to dance; getting fat staying at home Saturday nights!! 😝