Friday, March 6, 2015

Don't sell it

Ovation Mandolin
EVERY MUSICIAN HAS a story about an instrument that got away. It was sold for cash during a desperate time, stolen by a boyfriend/girlfriend, disappeared at a gig, given to a friend and never returned, etc.

My story involves a Kramer electric guitar I bought in 1989. I loved that guitar and it sounded amazing. But in 2005 I was short on cash and I sold it, and I've kicked myself ever since.

Sheryl always tells people to not sell their instruments. A man just came in with an amazing Ovation mandolin. He's selling it on eBay, and Sheryl just tried to talk him out of selling it.

"But I don't use it anymore," he said. And that's that.

That's one of the ploys we musicians use. Well, I don't play it, so let somebody else have it. Sheryl says..... "They are not making that guitar anymore. Don't sell!"

So. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself if you really want to let it go. If it's one of many guitars or instruments, if it has no sentimental value, if you really need the cash that badly, well ....

We'll still try to talk you out of selling it.

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