Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm full of ... you know

I JUST HAD another great guitar lesson with Vanessa, an older woman who is clicking off the bucket list and really improving. She's the one featured in the KHQA story a few weeks back.

She asked about me playing at a party at her house. Her husband is an engineer and they are all "sort of boring," and she wants to liven it up.

"You'd be good, because you are full of, well, you know," she says.

Full of what?

"You know .... uh, Life. Stuff. You are full of baloney."

No, Vanessa. I'm not full of stuff or baloney. I'm full of bleep. At least I know it.

"Right, bleep. See? You would be perfect at my party!"

It might be the single best line I've ever heard to get me to agree to a gig. Ever.

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