Monday, March 16, 2015

Old Friends

Colin (left) enjoys the view from the top of Fifth and Maine. 
MY BUDDY DAVID visited this weekend and we had a great time. We've been friends for 35 years and we always laugh about living on Rosewood in Grand Rapids. He drove down from Hudsonville, Mich., with his 22-year-old son, Colin.

He lives in the sprawling metropolis of West Michigan, so I think visiting a smaller town intrigues him. We enjoyed the Fifth and Maine views, a little night life Saturday and a Pepper Spray show Sunday at the Pins For Patriots event. We even got Colin up to play guitar with us, in perfect tempo and rhythm, which sometimes messes us up.

David is an architect with a respected West Michigan firm, GMB, and he was enthralled with our Second String Music building. Maybe we can open up a Quincy office, Hoser!

At about 9 last night we were sitting by the backyard fire and his son said, "You know, we could drive home tonight. It would be an adventure." So that's what they did, zipping back home in the dead of night and arriving at 6 EST this morning.

There is something comfortable about an old friend. We can't wait another five years to hang out again.

But I'm not driving up there in the middle of the night. Just saying.

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