Friday, March 27, 2015

Songs with Cori

LOOKING FORWARD TO the official debut tonight of Beauty and the Geeky Tall Guy. Yup, I'm playing with the fabulous Cori Lyssy at State Street Bar from 9 to midnight.

I like playing guitar for Cori. She has a great voice and she doesn't take herself too seriously, and her taste in music is eclectic, to say the least. We'll go from a country song to a 90s grunge anthem in a heartbeat, and she sings the heck out of them.

Cori and her husband, Benny, have three beautiful children and a bunch of dogs. Cori came to the store the other day to practice and was a little down in the dumps - but Sheryl cheered her up, and then she sang her heart out in the back room. When we got done, she said, "Music is therapy. I feel better!"

It's good to branch out and play different music. Between The Cheeseburgers, SmHart Brothers (Tim Smith and myself), Pepper Spray and First Union's praise band, that's a lot of diverse material. For many years I held grudges about certain genres and wouldn't even consider playing a "country" song, but that's just holding yourself back.

Anyway, there is a lot of stuff going on tonight and this weekend in the Q-Town, but if you get a chance stop by the bar at 17th and State and hang out for a while. Cori and I are also playing in two weeks at One Restaurant, and we'll hopefully get a few more gigs lined up.

More fun than you should be allowed to have!

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