Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Be quiet, Claire

SHERYL AND I watch Game of Thrones. We were disgusted at this week's final scene, like every moralist and cultural critic.

A U.S. Senator was also disgusted, and made sure to let everybody know she will no longer watch the show. Well, it's not her fault she's from Missouri, but if she won't watch anymore, certainly we should all jump up and down and agree with her and never watch Game of Thrones again.

Daenerys, meet Khal Drogo. 
So, really? You are disgusted NOW? I guess we should discount the previous scenes of throat-cutting, castration, flaying, evisceration, gratuitous nudity, beheadings and even prior rape, or whatever you want to call what happened to Queen Daenarys when she married Drogo. Jamie Lannister technically raped Cersei Lannister in front of their son's coffin. But all that stuff is OK.

There is a far bigger problem with Game of Thrones, one that is being ignored, one that threatens to propel their world into a further abyss of debauchery. Yup, that's right - the TV series is straying waaaaaayyyy too far from the books.

In fact, Sheryl says they aren't following any book by allowing Sansa to be raped on any wedding night. Apparently Sansa doesn't even marry Bolton in the book. And there is a fake Sansa, or something like that.

But that is the thing about television. It doesn't have to follow the book. Sheryl will keep "forcing" me to watch Game of Thrones. Thank you.

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