Friday, May 22, 2015

Closed Monday

WE ARE READY for Gus Macker weekend at Second String Music. The tournament is literally right outside of our doors. We'll be open Sunday for a while, too.

Some downtown businesses are closing this weekend. Our neighbor, Jeff Schuecking, has decided to lock the doors and take a few well-deserved days off. Good for him! It's your business, and you decide what you need to do.

We are closed Monday, Memorial Day. Mondays are usually busy days for us, and we have a full slate of guitar lessons scheduled, as well. But we need a day off and it will be appreciated.

The Court of Dreams!
July 4 falls on a Saturday this year. This presents an issue for us, because Saturday is almost always a huge sales day. It's hard to predict if we'll have any traffic since it's a holiday. At this point, we are staying closed - it will be nice to have two straight days off, and The Cheeseburgers have a huge show starting at 6 that night at the Illinois Veterans Home.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you on the Dream Court at Fifth and Maine all weekend.

Then, I will sleep until Tuesday!

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