Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Can't Wait For End Of The World

FRANKIE MURPHY GIESING knows how to throw a party.

Camping, Parking, Music, Food and Nature
He's doing it again July 11, at his family property about a mile east of Quincy. It's called the third annual End of the World Party, and features the bands Pepper Spray, Avenue Beat, Fielder and Tri Point Paradox. There will be an acoustic area, a drum circle, camping, fire, food from the Butcher Block and the Maine Course, and sea of music festival wonder.

Frankie has been working hard on the 40-plus acres of property. It's carved out of a thicket of woods and brush. There are designated camping areas with water and electrical access. There's tons of parking. The party starts with camping the Friday night before, and Frankie is treating the performers like royalty. The main stage has the mix of nature and music perfectly intertwined.

There won't be any bugs - the area will be sprayed and there will be citronella everywhere.
Stage at the End of the World

It's 20 bucks to get in, worth every penny. Normally you have to travel hours to attend a music festival. This one already has that feel and vibe - there were 700 people at last year's event, and more expected this year.

Can't wait to End The World and for Pepper Spray to play. We have a show Friday night at One Restaurant, come out and enjoy great music and food. I can't wait to tell the guys about how fun the End of the World is gonna be.

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