Friday, May 1, 2015

Enjoying Dogwood weekend

DOGWOOD FESTIVAL WEEKEND is upon us, and we are fired up at Second String Music.

To celebrate Quincy's 175th anniversary, Maine Street between Fifth and Eighth is closed Saturday, with two big stages at either end and live music starting at 4 p.m. We are keeping the store open late and plan to party and have fun. Here is the weekend schedule.

There's been objections to the fact five bands have been hired, but only one is from Quincy. The Cheeseburgers were contacted about playing, but at the time we were in limbo and unable to commit.

Part of me wishes we had - it would be great fun playing a show literally yards from our front door. But the other part of me is glad. I don't get the chance to see a lot of bands and now I have no excuse - they are right in front of us!

I wish more Quincy acts were playing. I'll put the good Quincy bands up there against any band from any area. Jared & The Gentlemen is included in that list. They rock and I hope they have a great show Saturday night.

By the way, if you don't like the lineup, simply ask for a refund. Wait a second .... it's all free. FREE. You don't have to pay a thing if you come down, or you don't have to come down.

It does no good sniping at other bands. I've spent this week channeling negative energy because of our Outside People problem and it's draining and frustrating. We need to support each other and keep the vibe positive in our music scene.

Let's have a blast this weekend and enjoy the live music.

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