Friday, May 29, 2015

Former owner loves the progress

WE HAD A very nice visit this morning from Quincy attorney George Lewis, who used to own our Second String Building back in the 1970s and 80s.

George was an attorney for one of the Schmeideskamp brothers and actually had an office on the fifth floor. He said it was so small that his clients had to sit outside the door when visiting. He also had fun with the pigeons, so it's good to see nothing has changed that much up there. Right.

I took George up to see Missy Myers, who has her M2 Photography studio on our second floor. He's blown away by our progress and loves the fact we are breathing life back into a piece of Quincy history.

He has all kinds of great stories about the building - the two women who ran the elevator, the "rope and pulley" communications system, his third-floor campaign headquarters when he ran for state senate in 1980, how the first floor was laid out and the dreams he had for the first floor.

We honor our past by improving on the present, and looking to the future. Thanks for the visit, Mr. Lewis, and you are welcome to stop by any time!

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