Monday, May 4, 2015

Tilling for patio stuff

WE HAD TO buy a new tiller last week. We used to borrow one from a family member, but it died. Not the family member, the tiller. Right.

So Sheryl and I are out looking at new tillers, and I'm having a heart attack when I see how much they cost. I stumble over to the patio furniture area and see a really cool table with chairs and an umbrella. And I have another heart attack when I see the price.

"Look," Sheryl said. "We can afford it. What are you, Dutch or something?"

Yes. Very, very, very Dutch.

She's right, as always. We are careful with what we spend but if we want it or really need it, we figure it out.

Anyway, the new tiller works great. We've doubled the size of our backyard garden and added a big section along the fence for sunflowers. I even tilled up a small section of garden Sheryl had already planted. "Now I have to re-buy the baby asparagus and two blueberry plants. I thought you were Dutch?" she sadly said.

Saturday was an amazing time downtown and we did it up right, too right. Yesterday I woozily managed to make it back to the store and bought the patio furniture. It's a nice glass table with four solid looking chairs and an umbrella. I'm quite proud I did it all by myself. I won't talk a lot about sitting in the parking lot and realizing the box wouldn't fit in the car trunk.

Yup. You guessed it. This is turning into another "Frank Haxel is in the wrong place at the wrong time" story. I called him up, since he lives nearby.

"Ouch," he said. "My head hurts."

Look. It's all fine and dandy we had so much fun in the store Saturday and watching some amazing bands play literally right outside the door. And had to arrange two separate beverage deliveries from our fabulous liquor stores. But getting the patio set home was important. (BTW, recycled aluminum cans this morning and made $7. Yup, I'm Dutch.)

So Frank and his truck saved the day yet again. He had to run some errands on our end of town anyway, so it all worked out. I admired the purchases as they sat in my backyard, admired them even more after Sheryl put them together.

Hey. I can till the already planted garden. But a man needs to know his limitations.

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