Thursday, May 14, 2015

It shouldn't rain on Thursdays

WE WERE SUPPOSED to have our first Concert In The Plaza today. Obviously the weather isn't cooperating, so Ted Holt will not play and I'm stuck watching the rain splash down at Fifth and Maine.

The past three days have been perfect - sunny, 70 degrees, light breeze, low humidity. Of course it pours today. Of course.

Somewhere, a farmer asks God, "Dear Lord, we could really use some rain. Please bless us with your divine wetness and help us feed the people of this dear land." God has a lot of important stuff on his plate, including a request from the organizer of the Concerts In The Plaza for dry weather. So what does he do?

He makes it rain, right?

Look. God is in control, I understand all that. But I don't think He says, "The farmer has been going to church twice on Sundays and his soybeans are a bit dry, so I will bless him with rain." God says, "That front from the Rockies has a mind of its own and I couldn't do anything about screwing up your concert today, Rodney."

You just gotta learn to accept it and move on. Rain is just tears from heaven, and all that stuff. And if I can use a Youtube video about reign, er, rain, to illustrate my point, it helps mask the disappointment.

Next week Steve Rees is scheduled to play in the plaza. He probably has a hook with somebody up there, so we should be good. I think.

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