Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Buh Bye, Dave

DAVID LETTERMAN IS calling it quits. This is sad. I don't watch television and I didn't know he was quitting until I saw it online yesterday. I turn into a pumpkin after 9 at night, so it's futile to even try and stay up.

Eddie Vedder is his last musical guest, a good choice. You won't find a Better Man. I just tried to call up his performance for the final show, but I was blocked because my ad blocker is working, and the video won't play since the ads can't play. Wow - that's so 2015.

I watched Letterman 30 years ago. Back then I could stay up late and not worry about dragging the next day. I loved him because he wasn't afraid to take on pompous idiots and people who thought highly of themselves. Plus he delighted in the absurd and invited the strange and weird to do their things on network TV.

What is so funny about stupid pet tricks and throwing stuff off a roof and watching it explode when it hits the ground? I don't know. It just is. Letterman figured it out and exploited it to the max.

His Top 10 Lists are legendary. Watch the one below, where he skewers Star Wars. Really, you could just see Chewbacca complain about not having a razor. Right? CBS big wigs probably wanted to kill him time and time again, but couldn't, because he was so.... right.

Farewell, David Letterman. Hope the last show rocks. I can't stay up that late anymore, so I'll watch it online the next day - if my ad blocker isn't working.

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