Thursday, June 4, 2015

Anniversary gifts

YESTERDAY WE HAD a woman come in and buy a new dDrum kit for her husband as an anniversary gift. She bought a guitar from us last year, but it sat unused collecting dust. So she traded it in and everything appeared to be good.

Was this really four years ago?
However, the husband didn't want the drum kit and he wanted the guitar back, even though he apparently never plays it. So they came back in the afternoon - she made him carry the drums half a block - and we refunded the cash paid to her.

It's hard when you aren't musical but your mate is. We try at Second String Music to help you out with a gift idea, but guitars, drums and other instruments are often so specific that unless it's a beginner, it can be a difficult match. It's much better to come in with your musician and try stuff out before making a decision. You can always come back later to buy so the gift will be a surprise.

We also do gift certificates and layaway to make gift buying easier.

Speaking of anniversaries, Sheryl and I celebrate our fourth this Friday. It's a good thing I've prepared by getting her something really nice. NOT. I'm lucky because she's easy to buy for, and I have friend who owns a great little place downtown who always hooks me up for such thing.

A new set of gutters for the house really don't count as an anniversary gift. Trust me.

But, as always, it's the thought that counts.

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