Monday, June 8, 2015

Playing your heart out

WELL, IT'S ANOTHER Monday morning feeling like the rock and roll truck just ran over me. Three gigs in three nights will do it to you, though acoustic shows and playing with Pepper Spray is a blast.

A big thanks to Liz Bentley, who let me get in the way Friday night with her at the Maine Street Wine Shoppe in Hannibal. Pepper Spray played after a Hannibal Cavemen game Saturday night, and we capped it off Sunday afternoon in the Vancil Performing Arts parking lot.

Deron Johnson hanging out with Pepper Spray at the game Saturday night. 
I didn't have much trouble falling asleep last night.

The Caveman game was incredible. They had us play right behind the main grandstand. Deron Johnson and the staff made us feel like a million bucks, giving us a suite along the first base line and making sure the cooler was full.

We started playing a minute after the last out. Most of the people left after the game, but it didn't matter to us.

When you are hired to play a gig, you play your heart out and bust your butt to put on the best show possible. More people mean a better show, but that should not mean you mail it in. I've seen more than a few bands and performers give up and go through the motions, and it reflects poorly on them.

I want to encourage the Caveman and Deron to keep having live music after Saturday night games. Eventually, people will figure it out and realize staying for a little while after the game isn't such a bad thing, especially when the game is over before 9 p.m. What are you gonna do, go home and sleep?

It was still fun for us. I love the vibe of playing outside and having a train roar past us mid-song, and we'll come back in a heartbeat.

We will sleep when we are dead. And we'll bust our butts at every show.

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