Friday, June 26, 2015

Bleeping rain

I AM STARING out the front window of Second String Music into the rain. It's pouring again in Quincy in what has to be one of the wettest summers ever. The MidSummer Arts Faire people are trying to set up for this weekend's big event and the downpour continues.

At least the fountain jets are still on. And the Outside People are nowhere to be seen. "Always look on the bright - side - of life," he sang.

If I was still a reporter, the boss would poke his head into the newsroom, see me sitting there trying to come up with a column idea (the deadline for submitting the column was already two hours ago), and he'd say, "Do a story about the rain and how it is impacting us. Talk to real people."

So here's my story today, on my own, without prompting. It's raining. Again. It sucks. I hate it.

Beau Becraft is supposed to play at 11:30 in the park. It's not looking good. We'll make a decision soon. Maybe he can wear big green duck boots and a lifejacket. The gazebo is dry but no one is there to listen.... "Singing in the Rain" could play from loudspeakers.

As always, you gotta look at the silver lining. This stuff is supposed to move out, and the weather should be good for tonight's Blues in the District, Saturday and Sunday.

Bleeping rain. What can you do? At least I don't have to write a story about it.

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