Monday, June 22, 2015

Just keep playing

I BUMPED INTO a guy at the grocery store Sunday, as I zombied my way around the produce section in a post-Cheeseburger haze. He used to play guitar a lot, but he got frustrated and sold his stuff.

Now he's back into it. He bought two very nice guitars, both high-end, both national brands. He  didn't get them from us at Second String Music, because we aren't dealers for those guitars.

He seemed kind of sheepish about it. I told him to relax.

"The main thing is that you play those guitars," I said. "If it gets you back into playing, more power to you!"

Yes, we rely on loyalty in a small business. But I will not begrudge anybody buying a certain kind of guitar. Plus, my friend came into the store and bought a very nice amp for the electric guitar, which I appreciated.

"Well, I've always wanted them, and now I'm happy," he said.

More power to you, brother. Keep on rocking!

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