Friday, June 5, 2015

Lucky Cat Vegas and cat toys

HARD TO BELIEVE it's been nearly three years since we moved Second String Music from its original location at Eighth and Washington to our downtown Fifth and Maine spot. We love it down here and never regretted making the move.

We go past the old location all the time since we live nearby. Sometimes I miss it, but we outgrew the space quickly, and our out-of-town landlords were a challenge. The building has sat vacant and lonely since we left, and I doubt it gets used as long as the current owners are in charge. It also has a lovely upstairs apartment with some dubious Quincy history, and again, it's a shame it sits empty.

Those silly humans have NO idea how many cat toys we've hidden!
I saw somebody in there the other day and last night during my bike ride I took a peek through the front windows. The display cases have been removed, and lo and behold, there are a bunch of cat toys visible where the cases used to be.

Obviously Lucky Cat Vegas, our beloved first store cat, batted them underneath the cases, and we just never found them. Come to think of it, Fast Eddie was in there for a few months too, though he refuses to confess he hid the toys.

I remember Lucky with great fondness. She passed away about year after we moved here, so she's in a better place in that great Catnip Garden In The Sky.

Fast Eddie just asked if there was a way to get back some of the old toys. Sorry, buddy.

But we could move some of the display cases to see if any of his old toys are around Second String Music.

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