Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hello Dick, welcome to Quincy

A LARGE SPORTING goods retailer wants to come to Quincy. Click here for the Whig story about Dick's Sporting Goods and a proposal to build a store on East Broadway.

First of all, I hate that side of town, but if somebody wants to come in and make a run of it in the Q-Town, more power to them. These big box retailers do homework and the people in charge aren't dumb - they think they can make money here.

Secondly, there is no locally owned sporting goods store in Quincy. Repeat, NONE. There were two or three when I moved here in 1996, long gone now. I miss Tappe's. I miss Merkels. I have gone to the MC Sports on the dreaded east side of town a few times for stuff, but only because there was no other choice.

There will be job openings. It's growth in the city. It gives us more choices when it comes time to buy stuff. But I will never buy golf equipment from MC Sports or Dick's. We have really good local golf retailers in town, and that's where I have and will spend my money.

I wonder what they think about Dick's wanting to set up shop.

Welcome to the Q-Town, Dick's. By the way ... will you have a sale on hockey sticks?

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