Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Last minute gig

ONE OF THE many things I like about playing with Cori Lyssy in Hartlyss is the flexibility. We have two people, a small PA and a ton of songs. Oh, and Cori's husband, Benny, to drive us around in his new to him Escalade, and to set up and tear down.

On Thanksgiving night we are playing at a family house party, and Saturday night we just booked a show at One Restaurant. The One gig came about because they had a cancellation. Are you available? YES. We love to play.

It's a little harder to do with a band because when you have five or more members, life tends to get in the way. A lot. Arranging schedules is just as important as having practice and booking gigs.

So see you Saturday night at One. Hartlyss still has a few other weekend dates available in December ..... hint hint.

HartLyss is available on short notice. We don't lay down on the job, either. Ahem.

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