Thursday, November 5, 2015

The dreaded "C" word and shopping early

LOOK. I KNOW it's still three weeks until Thanksgiving, but you still gotta start thinking about it.

Wait a second .... it's only three weeks until Thanksgiving?

Here at Second String Music, Sheryl and I have been thinking about, uh, it, for a long time. It is a word that starts with a C and ends with an S. It involves overcommercialization, a fat guy with a long beard and red suit, and reindeer.

I'm still not going to say or spell the word out loud. But it's coming. And you can't stop it. Ahhhh! I feel like the Knights Who Say NEE.

If you are thinking about a musical instrument or related item for Chr .... uh, it, do it now. We've done our best to get stocked up and have a lot of cool stuff at Fifth and Maine, but already we are seeing people coming in getting ready for it.

We have a room in the back that holds all the lay-a-ways for it.

Support your small local businesses, boost your local economy and get a leg up early for the season. Make this one a great one and memorable.

I'll wait until after Thanksgiving to say the word out loud.

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