Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Coach Q and seniors rock

THIS IS A great example of why hockey people are the best professional sports has to offer.

I don't like the Chicago Blackhawks, of course. Who cares if they've won three of the last five Stanley Cups? Even Chicago fans deserve something to cheer about. It ain't Hockeytown, but the Hawks are pretty good.

I am a big fan of Joel Quennville, Chicago's coach. I remember watching him when he played for the Leafs in the '70s. St. Louis blundered when the Blues let him go. He's an excellent coach, but he's even a better person, as the video below shows.

This is part of Chicago's brilliant #WhatsYourGoal series. A bunch of seniors wanted to go see a Blackhawks game, but instead, Coach Q and the Hawks brought it to them. I love the joy in Coach Q's face and Pat Foley's commentating is tremendous - what a great experience for the seniors. They will literally be talking about this for the rest of their lives.

I said I was giving up on the game a few years ago after the lockout. This is what brings me back.

Good luck to Coach Q in the playoffs - unless it's against the Red Wings, of course.

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