Wednesday, March 30, 2016

EVH and sounding like EVH

EVERY NOW AND then we get really cool used gear to sell at Second String Music. Our latest fun toy is an EVH 5150 III 50-watt tube combo amp. EVH stands for Eddie Van Halen, and now you can sound just like him!

Well, not really, but you can have a lot of fun trying.

The proceeds from this amp go to Six String Heroes. It's basically brand new and is selling for a lot less than the new price. If you are looking to up your game, this amp is for you - it's good for practice, recording or gigs and has amazing tone.

Look. Eddie Van Halen is a pioneer and genius and guys like him are just wired differently. Nobody sounds like him and that's what makes him great. Sure, he flies around the fretboard like a madman and makes noises previously unheard from the guitar, but the best thing about him is his tone. When you hear him play, you know it's him.

I couldn't care less about the whole Sammy vs. Dave thing. I just like the fact they are still going. And they have great songs - when they come on the radio or CD, you automatically turn it up and sing along.

I plugged this amp in and peeled the paint off the walls - it's one of the loudest combo amps I've ever played. It's fun to pretend you are Eddie Van Halen. I am not. In fact, when you watch and hear him play it's enough to want to either get better or just give it up.

I don't think it will be here long. Even in little old Quincy, Illinois, there has to be a player out there jumping at the chance to own an incredible tube amp. Come check it out at Fifth and Maine! And bring a paintbrush so we can touch up the walls after you are done.

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