Friday, March 18, 2016

New look window

WE HAVE A new window design at Second String Music thanks to the good folks at 10th Street Creative.

It was put up yesterday and features our own Angus The Young playing ukulele and wearing a Pink Floyd shirt. Angus is playing it left-handed, just like Kermit The Frog.

We also have a bear with a Van Halen shirt and a bearded dragon honking on a sax. Dave at 10th Street Creative is a genius!

The great thing about the window cover is that it acts as a shade. It faces south and after the sun clears the WCU Building across the street, the light pours in. We can't keep instruments in the direct sunlight, and the sign acts as a shading element. We also have one on the west side of the building, and put our own coating on the other windows.

When you are inside the store and looking out, you can't see the design and it doesn't block our view of the sidewalk, street or Outside People. Win win win!

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