Friday, February 21, 2020

Malcolm the cardboard chewer

WE MAKE A weekly trip to our local recycling center just to dispose of cardboard. It's all about saving trees one box at a time and we're glad to do it.

Malcolm, however, has other ideas about cardboard. Namely, Malcolm likes to chew it to pieces. Angus does too, but not as much as his nephew.

What? Me? In trouble? Nah .....
It's not unusual for me to come out of lessons and find Sheryl helping somebody and seeing Malcolm attacking a cardboard box on the floor. At least he's not eating a guitar or chewing on somebody's leg. It gets spread all over the place and it's a pain to pick up. But it keeps him occupied and out of trouble, even though he is trouble.

By the way, happy 6-month birthday to Malcolm! He's still a puppy, he still has sharp puppy teeth and he likes to eat squirrel poop on our cemetery walks. In other words, he's rocking and rolling and has become a member of the family.

Cheers, Malcolm! We'll give you a present, a cardboard box. Chew away!

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