Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Meet and greet ... Roger Waters?

WE ARE PLANNING a store gathering for Saturday, Feb. 22. It's the nine-year anniversary of Second String Music, if you can believe it. We'll have the usual shenanigans, and we'll have special meet and greets with members of HartLyss, Prospect Road, The Cheeseburgers, Dutch Mazeltov, Pepper Spray, The Availables and many more.

VIP packages are available. Just bring a few beverages and stick them in the fridge. Security provided by James McKinney. Press will be represented by Rodney. Catering will be donuts in the morning and Susan's Chilli in the afternoon. Ask Sheryl if you want any candy for dessert.

We've actually had a few real meet and greets here. The biggest and probably the best was right after we moved into the Fifth and Maine location and the Green Almighty came from California and rocked the store. They featured Quincy native Ray Burke, and they gave an incredible acoustic performance. There were probably 100 people sardined into this place and it was a beautiful thing.

Sheryl has a fantasy meet and greet. She's going to call Rogers Waters' people and see if he can hang out with us. She won't make him perform *much* but if he does the entire albums "Wish You Were Here" or "The Pros And Cons of Hitchhiking" she might never come back to reality.

We can have inflatable pigs flying across the room and a giant rainbow shooting out of a prism over the counter. Roger can do whatever he wants, even hang out in the Green Room if he just wants a smaller meet and greet experience, or if he wants to give me a free guitar lesson (the rooms are right there).

She also has a fantasy involving edibles and getting to know Roger a little bit better, but this is a family blog and we'll just move along and keep it clean.

So come on over two weeks from Saturday to meet and greet local bands and hang. You might even get an autograph on a piece of cardboard "chewed by Malcolm" or hear a song from one of your favorite local performers.

Keep shopping local and fulfilling our musical fantasies every year. Who knew we could really make a go of this music store thing?!

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