Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Nine years Saturday

NINE YEARS AGO we opened this little venture called Second String Music. Wait. Nine years? Really? Sometimes it seems like it's flown, and other times it feels like we've been here a long time.

We are celebrating with our usual anniversary party Saturday. Everything in the store will be 9 percent off, the jam session starts at noon, Beer Can Bowling is at 3 and the live debut of 1/5 & Maine (featuring Tim Smith and Jack Inghram) will be sometime around 5 ish. Rumor has it the boys from The Availables and the much better half of HartLyss will be here too.

I have few memories of our first year, other than it was a short walk from the house to the 8th and Washington location, and we were amazed when we had store gatherings that first year. Today when we drive past the old store it's a bit sad - it sat empty for many years, then was purchased by a seemingly ambitious construction worker. He tore out the main floor and started putting up studs for walls, but for some reason he gave up and there's been no activity in there for maybe a year.

Sad. It's a great building with a ton of history (not all of it good) and it would be nice to see brought back to life. Then again, we have enough of a challenge right here at Fifth and Maine. Ironically we have the plumbers here right now fixing some issues in the basement - cha ching, cha ching, cha ching.

I poked through some old store videos and a lot of the memories came flooding back. Geesh. Warren Riley and Orange Amps! The good old days ....

So come on down Saturday and we'll have a lot of fun celebrating nine years, and who knows how many more years!

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