Monday, February 17, 2020

Sam's Club low sugar lounge

DID YOU KNOW Sam's Club in Quincy has a special area where you can recover from low blood sugar? Not really. But you go where you can when it hits.

Many times over the last 12 years we've gone to Sam's and Sheryl gets low blood sugar. We aren't really sure why. The bakery stuff is way in the back corner, though there are all kinds of anti-low carb diet stuff everywhere. Sheryl is a Type 1 diabetic, which means her body doesn't manufacture insulin, meaning she has to inject herself with insulin. There is no reason to believe her body is suddenly interested in making a huge amount of insulin. It can't.

Low blood sugar is anything below a normal level of 83. It makes Sheryl dizzy, weak and unable to think clearly. The last few times we've gone to Sam's she's been hit with it about four aisles past the door, and five minutes later she's cussing with a death grip on the cart and asking to be guided to a chair.
Emergency Glucose

Fortunately Sam's has a small furniture display area where she can sit down and recover. I usually do the rest of the shopping and meet here there, and we both can sit down while her glucose tabs do their thing and get her blood sugar levels back up. It is frustrating for her since she really does want to wander and shop in the store, not just the furnace filter aisle.

It's humorous when people you know come up and ask why you are sitting on the display furniture. It appears we are just lounging or maybe interested in a new chair or couch. We aren't. But we tell them our furniture has been eaten by dogs and cats, and you really can't tell what a good couch is like unless you give it a good 20-minute sit. All true!

So we survived the trip and made it back and Sheryl eventually felt better after too many glucose tabs and a soup lunch. We still can't figure out why walking into Sam's gives her low blood sugar, and until we do, Sheryl has come up with the perfect solution.

"We'll make a list and you'll have to go yourself," she said, "I will go buy bacon at HyVee."

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