Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Came Back

SOMETIMES A GUITAR is far more than just a six-stringed instrument. It can be a connection to the past, a holder of treasured memories, a guide on the Magical Mystery Tour.

I bought this really nice Epiphone Studio in early 2010 as a backup guitar and instantly fell in love. It has the classic thicker Gibson neck and I loved the low action and the way it felt in my hands, and the way it played.

In March 2010, The Funions played a show at The Elks. A friend picked the guitar up by the strap and it fell to the ground, causing damage to the neck and body. It was an accident and I shrugged it off, but the guitar was unplayable and it was a downer.

So I took it to my friend Scott Smith, who at that time owned Smith Music, and he performed one of his many miracles on guitars. He fixed the neck, sanded the surface down and spent a lot of time reviving it from the dead.

Once again it played beautifully and there was something very cool about the guitar that I can't quite explain - it just felt right. I played it at the last Funions show ever, in May 2010, and I also used it quite a bit when I hooked up with The Cheeseburgers.
The Epi at a Funions show. Hi Marianne!

In February 2011, we opened Second String Music. I like to joke that we started with five guitars, and four of them were mine, but that's no lie. I reluctantly put the Epiphone on the floor, and sure enough, a friend bought it for his son.

Last week, the guitar came back. I am assuming my friend's son no longer had interest in the guitar, because it hasn't been played a lot. So it's on the floor as a consignment item, and bringing back a flood of memories.

I am reminded of my old friend, Mark Hoekstra, who says it's a "want versus need analysis." I don't need it, but I sure want it. Of course, you can say that about a lot of great guitars and stuff we have in the store. Thank goodness Sheryl is there to keep me straight and sane.

Anyway, the Epi is back. If it goes to a new home, much more than six strings will again walk out the store. And I'm fine with that.

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