Friday, November 2, 2012

You learn something new all the time

THE WOODLAND CEMETERY tours last night were a huge success. Reportedly we turned away a boatload of people who didn't have tickets, and I got to take a group of Girl Scouts and their parents around the hallowed grounds. Young people who appreciate history are indeed special.

William Richardson was a prominent Quincy politician and I learned an awful lot about him and his elections against Orville Browning. John Wood was also in the cemetery, and was Eliza Browning and others. They were all fantastic.

I had no idea Orville Browning was a pallbearer at Lincoln's funeral. I knew he and Eliza were very close to the president, and the fact two of Lincoln's best friends are laid to rest in our midst is an amazing thing.

Everything about the event was perfect, from the weather to the attention to detail. The only thing I'd try to do better is give more time to the tours - one hour isn't enough. Next year, I'd love to roam around the far south end by the mausoleum, because there are some fascinating characters at rest back there.

If you are into history, and want to walk where those before us walked, come hang out. Lucy and Bella will be glad to take you on a tour if we are out for our daily walk!

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