Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blueridge love

OWNING A MUSIC store gives you appreciation for all kinds of guitars, from starters to high end.

We get a fair number of people who come in, ask if we have Taylors or Martins, then wheel around and walk out when they learn we don't. Wish we did, but the big boys won't even sniff at a small music store. If you a fan of a certain kind of guitar, I understand and have no problem with being particular.

But you are missing out if you don't try our Blueridge acoustics. We just got two in with pickups, the BR 70 and the BR 143. Somebody better get here and take them off my hands because I might just snatch one off the wall and disappear for a while, or maybe the rest of my life.

These are incredible guitars and higher end, but way more affordable than the bigger name brands. Come on in and I'll set up a stool and we'll do a little jamming!

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