Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas, other stuff

MONDAY MORNING MUSINGS as the rain falls and we try not to feel gloomy ....

- We had a fantastic celebration in Second String Music Saturday, with a bunch of people playing and a toast to our good friend, Pat Cornwell. After a day to recover, we are right back at it and continue our preparations for Christmas.

- People who are lining up now for Black Friday should have their toenails pulled.

- Saturday is Small Business Saturday in Quincy. If you are out early Friday morning and get shell-shocked, come downtown. We'll be friendly, you won't get shoved out of the way and you will feel the love, not the hurried insanity, of the season.

- My book Rock N Roll Shorts is available for free until Wednesday by clicking here.

-Notre Dumb has had college football gods work everything out right this year. The door is wide open, especially with USC not having its quarterback.

- Wonder if I could sneak away Saturday and watch Michigan take out Ohio State. What do you say to an Ohio State football player in a three-piece suit? "Will the defendant please rise ...."

- And finally, the ultimate Thank You song for Thanksgiving. Peace love joy!

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