Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fast Eddie Weighs In

IT AIN'T EASY being the coolest cat in Quincy, you know. My silly human is gone and as you can see by the pic at right, I'm doing his blog today. He's such a ditz and he probably won't even notice. Plus it will be better than his usual dribble.

Fast Eddie is my name, and chaos is my game. This morning my human ticked me off because the roof guy came to Second String Music and I managed to scamper upstairs. In case you didn't know, we are in the historic Dodd building at Fifth and Maine, and the four stories above us are vacant and filled with history. I love running around up there, catching mice and getting dirty. For some reason he and the roofer got all fired up and my owner used the treat bag trick to lure me back down, of all things. See if I purr for him any time soon.

I love living in the music store. The more mayhem, the better. When we have our jam sessions, I like sitting under the front counter and soaking it all in. The other day a young boy named Jude came in and brought me a wind up mouse toy, and boy, was that fun to play with! My silly human thinks I'm a dog and likes it when I play fetch, as shown in the video above, but I only do it to placate him.

My favorites are Lew and Lois, who come every Saturday morning to play with me. This morning my buddy Laura Sievert stopped by, she is always good for an ear scritch. She just needs to stop worrying about me shedding, and some day I hope to meet her three cats.

I miss my adopted sister, Lucky, but I'm getting along just fine. I don't like spending the long nights alone, but I do like the Christmas lights and playing with the tree ornaments when my humans are gone. And of course I'm barking at them when they arrive each morning. I'm hungry, dag nabbit!

So, come and see me at Second String Music, but don't tell my silly human that I wrote this blog. He'll figure it out. Eventually.

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