Thursday, December 12, 2013

Innocent. Really. If you believe it's true.

THERE WAS A fascinating trial this week in Quincy for a man accused of robbing a bank a while back. As usual, the only media guy there was Don O'Brien of The Herald-Whig. Why the other outlets in town don't even give a cursory glance at the drama and incredible stuff going on at Fifth and Vermont is beyond me, but what do I know?

You can read the story here, if you aren't blocked, and make sure you watch the video.

Anyway, the guy was jailed after the mother of his child, let's just call her Mommy, went to the police and said she had info about the robbery. Mommy wasn't happy with Daddy at the time. The grand jury believed her story and the trial was set.

But on the stand, Mommy recanted her story, or at least said she didn't remember saying things. In crime and courts world, we call that "peeing backwards," and it happens a lot. So Mommy found herself going upstairs to the Adams County Jail for a perjury charge, where she still sits.

The are some things you can do to the State's Attorney. Peeing backwards isn't one of them. Enough said.

And, of course .... You. Can't. Make. It. Up.

I wasn't at the trial and I'm not sure what happened, but my guess is that the jury just couldn't find the evidence to convict Daddy, so he was found not guilty. The video interview is priceless. Daddy says he was just picked up and put in jail and was never talk to, but he understood the police had a job to do, so it was OK.

I wonder if he robbed the bank. The truth, as always, is an elusive thing in our criminal justice system.

If he did do it and got off, he's laughing his head off and scoffing at the system. If he wasn't guilty, he's relieved and angry, though he certainly didn't appear angry or bitter during his interview.

And if Don O'Brien thinks he's never seen anything like it, he'll just have to go back to court next week.


  1. written, in between, the lines above
    is a regret, that few can understand
    he had a job, which he told them to shove
    but you can't shed the soul, of a newspaperman

    miss it, don't ya?

    1. He will always miss the job. I don't think he will ever want the hours of working as a reporter full time. AND his wife approves of that so "Happy wife, Happy life".