Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow Ma Geddon

AS ALWAYS, THE weather dominates discussion around here. Today it's about the impending "storm" which is "threatening to dump" up to six inches of snow on us in the overnight hours.

The humanity!

I hated writing weather stories. One day I was out talking to people about the massive five-inch storm on the way, and I sort of complained about it, and the guy I was interviewing stopped me by saying, "Well, it's what people are talking about. I'll read it when it comes out in the paper."

He made sense, unfortunately.

After a big storm, we'd milk it for days. Again, I understand it because it makes great front page copy and life easier on editors assigning stories.

So. Get ready, Q-Town. Here it comes, snow and ice.

Where the heck is my shovel, anyway?

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