Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tommy Can You Hear Me?

YESTERDAY I POSTED a Whig blog about some of my favorite Christmas songs. One of them is from the rock opera Tommy, by The Who.

Of course you know I'm a Who fanatic. They were the first band I really sunk my teeth into and as a live band, they have no equals.

So this morning I found The Who's live Tommy version from 1989 and I can't stop watching and listening. Don't click on it if you are in the office or have stuff to do, like me. GUH.

Love Townsend's awesome acoustic guitar playing, the killer band assembled, the guest stars in various roles (Elton John and Billy Idol are hilarious and waaaayyyy over the top, just like Townsend planned it). The added percussion and horns raise everything to a new level and the band is in top form. I just wish I could hear a bit more of Entwistle's bass, but hey, you can't have everything.

I gotta shut this off and be productive. I guess.

Tommy can you hear me?

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